How Does A Roof Deteriorate?

roofing cleaningOne of the reasons why a new roof is necessary is age. Sure, it can last longer with regular maintenance and repairs, but with time, the roof does deteriorate and has to be replaced. So what causes the roof to deteriorate?

The weather plays a significant part in that. Due to the exposure of the roofing materials to the weather, they will eventually have to be replaced because they will start to wear. Tiles and shingles get affected by wind, heat and too much snow. Even heavy rain can cause the roofing material to become weaker than it was when it was being installed.

One Other Factor That Causes A Roof To Deteriorate

roofing cleanersOne other factor that causes a roof to deteriorate is negligence. Ignoring issues when they come up can cause the roof to decline faster than it should. Small problems such as missing shingles or broken tiles should never be overlooked. Repairs that are done in time save the roof from getting damaged too fast. It is essential to have regular maintenance and fix any issues no matter how small.

Apart from that, the roof can deteriorate faster if it is installed poorly. All matters concerning the climate in the area and the type of house need to be taken into account during the installation.