Discover How Roofing Can Deteriorate

roofing company near meDo you want to know how roofing deteriorate? A roof deteriorates because it is continuously exposed to elements. So, it wears and ages over time.

Here is how roofing can deteriorate.


Wind severely impact your roof. Strong winds lift the edges of roof’s shingles leaving them vulnerable and exposed. The wind blows water and debris under the shingles.


When it rains, water finds its way under the roofing materials. The decking and rafters begin to rot because of the water. When these components spoil, the structural integrity of the roof is impacted.

The Sun

Sun causes roofing material to age faster. How? Because of the heat and ultraviolet rays.


Condensation happens when water vapor changes from gas form to liquid form. Condensation occurs in poorly ventilated areas such as the attic. When this happens, roof decking and rafters start to rot. When they decay, water starts seeping in because the structural integrity of the roof is compromised.

Trees & Leaves

roofing companyWhen trees and leaves touch your roof, they cause significant problems if you do not address them. A tree branch may fall on your roof. It can cause severe damage to your roof.

Leaves accumulate on a roof. They clog the rain gutters. And they retain moisture. If the drainage of your roof is affected, water may seep into the roofing materials. Some of these roofing materials will rot after some time.

If you have been thinking about how roofing can deteriorate, you now know the answers.