Deterioration of Roofs Can Be Delayed With Periodic Maintenance

roofing cleanersRoofs are exposed continuously to the weather, and they will age and wear over time. Roofs should last for at least 30 years if they are adequately maintained and repaired in time. Deterioration of shelters can be due to some causes.

Winds can severely impact a roof when they blow strongly and can lift shingles and leave them vulnerable to debris and rain. Rain can find its way into exposed parts of the roof and also cause the rafters and decking to rot. This can affect the structural integrity of the roof. An ingress of rainwater can damage the walls of the home and cause leaks within its living space.

Quicker Aging Of Roofing Materials

roofingThe heat from the sun and its ultraviolet rays can cause quicker aging of roofing materials and cause them to deteriorate to a point, where they will require replacement. Condensation in an attic that is not adequately ventilated can lead to deterioration and rotting of the roof structural members.

The proximity of trees to your roof can lead to leaves blocking gutters and causing them to overflow. Branches can also fall on to the roof and damage the tiles on it. Snow and ice are always a threat to a shelter. The poor condition of flashing can lead to the deterioration of a roof.